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John Davidson, MD

MIRAMAR Eye Specialists
Medical Group
Medical Director

"Your Vision is Our Focus"

John Davidson, MD has been helping Ventura and Santa Barbara County residents see better since 1992.

Dr. Davidson specializes in Laser Vision Correction/ LASIK and Lifestyle Lens Surgery.

Dr. Davidson is the first surgeon on the Central Coast to perform customized cataract surgery with the LenSx laser.

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“ I was recently diagnosed with double cataracts. I was referred to Miramar Eye Specialists.  I saw the Restor Ad that said “…many people may never need glasses again.”  I was intrigued.  I have been nearsighted from birth.  My glasses and contacts were my eyes and constant companion.  I never imagined a world that I could see without glasses.

My insurance company paid most of the cost of the procedure which was quick and easy.  I willingly paid my share. It was the best investment I ever made.  I’m so happy!!

Dr. Davidson and his colleagues measured, tested and measured again to make sure that the implants were right for me.  I now have almost 20/20 vision.  I tossed my glasses and contacts after the surgery.  The small innocuous side effects are negligible.  It is a minor trade-off, but one that I willingly accept for my wonderful eyesight. ”

>> Maureen K. Powers

“ As a Type II Diabetic, I was extremely reluctant to have surgery, being insulin dependent made me second guess my decision to go through with cataract surgery.  Dr. Davidson was so patient with me and my concerns, his time spent with me went above and beyond what was necessary.  His attention helped to allay my fear and I am now so glad that I went through with the surgery.  I have the Restor lens in both eyes and am now 20/20 without glasses!  Thanks to Dr. Davidson and the Restor lens - I can see!”

>> Deloyce Hathway

“ Dr. John Davidson and his well trained caring staff successfully performed my cataract surgery. ”

>> J. George Gregory

“ I want to let Dr. Davidson know how happy I am with my eyesight, following my operation, to remove my cataracts. I work with my computer most of each day. I asked him to put a lens in my left eye, to enable me to read (without glasses) at arms length, the distance to my monitor and to put in a distance lens in the other eye. I can now read everything on the monitor, even the smallest printing, without glasses. I can see clearly when driving my car and especially at night, which I was about to give up night driving. I just renewed my drivers license and read the eye chart, with either eye, without any difficulty. I could not have asked by better results, Tell him, THANKS. ”

>> Rex Gowdy

“ After wearing corrective lenses for almost twenty years, I really wanted to be able to see without having to find my glasses. I was familiar with Dr. Davidson's reputation and knew that he was probably the only person I would be comfortable with working on my eyes. The first step was to determine whether I was a good candidate for LASIK by doing the most extensive and precise eye exam that I have ever had. I was confident that the doctor had a detailed map of my eyes. Dr. Davidson performed my Custom LASIK procedure and I have been amazed by the results. My vision is perfect. I highly recommend Dr. Davidson and his colleagues at MIRAMAR and the TLC Laser Eye Center. ”

>> Samantha Billy

“ I  had cataract surgery in both eyes when Dr. John Davidson replaced my lenses with crystal lenses.  Dr. John Davidson performed both surgeries, the left eye three months after the right eye, with outstanding success .

The vision in my eyes improved within two to dour days after surgery in both distant and reading vision. The surgery was painless and quick, thanks to the skill of Dr. John Davidson's, and I am very happy with the result. ”

>> Pamela Bevan, Ventura, March 2008

“ After waiting 7 years for Dr. Davidson to find an appropriate corrective eye surgery for me, it has come to pass!  My life after ICL is more than I could ever imagine: I can see things clearly far away, no more finding glasses that fallen from there place in the night and people can see my eyes at there normal size! It has been a true Blessing!. ”

>> Jennifer J., 2008


Thank you for choosing Dr. John Davidson for your vision care!  We strive to deliver you the best possible care in a warm and friendly environment.  We offer a wide range of services and procedures to provide you with the opportunity for enhanced quality of life through clearer vision.

For appointments please call: 805-648-3085

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Dr. Davidson is the first surgeon in
Ventura County to offer customized lens replacement (cataract) surgery with the
LenSx laser

 We offer a number of  VIDEOS to better inform you about
 your choices in vision care.

LASIK may change forever the way you see the world! Imagine a safer, more predictable laser vision correction procedure.

While Standard Cataract Surgery requires the use of glasses afterwards for nearly everything, Lifestyle Lens Surgery is a premium option available to you to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses after cataract surgery.

If you are over 50 and considering LASIK, Lifestyle Lens Surgery may be better for you than LASIK by providing far AND near vision. And, you would never need cataract surgery in the future!