Mom reading 20/20 

continuously from close to midrange one day after PanOptix!

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Louis Lovelace:


I'm 86 years old and 100% satisfied with the Laser Cataract Surgery Dr Davidson and his team did for me. You can hand me something and I can read it, I went to the DMV and they said I don't need glasses to drive. Im 20/20 far and near and i never had a single problem after the surgery. You guys are great!


Mariaemma and Ron WIllis:


"We want to thank you for his eye surgery. You made it possible for him to see without glasses and he is thrilled! He can actually see better than he ever did with glasses - at all distances. We appreciate the amazing work you do. Thank you, Thank you! Thanks, too, to your wonderful caring staff."


Michael J. Simonds:


"This may be the easiest review I’ve ever written!  I recently underwent cataract removal and lens replacement at Lynn Eye Medical Group.  Dr. John Davidson was my surgeon and I chose to have my follow-up visits with Dr. David Gordon, O.D., also of Lynn Eye Medical Group.


I have worn glasses for at least the past 25 years.  At 64 years of age, I had cataracts…A recommendation from a friend led me to Dr. Davidson and to my delight, my decision to go ahead with this surgery occurred just weeks after the FDA had approved the new PanOptix Laser Trifocal Lens.  Of course, Dr. Davidson would be on the cutting edge of this kind of medical advancement.


Having any procedure done on your eyes is going to be somewhat nerve-wracking, no matter how much reassurance you receive or read about safety and the frequency of the procedure, etc.  However, I can attest that Dr. Davidson and his team worked like a well-oiled machine and there was literally NO PAIN at any time, during or after the procedure.  One of the first things I noticed post-surgery (after only the first eye) was I could now read the digital time clock on the night stand next to my bed.  Even with only one eye done, I never wore my glasses again.  I had the surgery for the first eye on a Wednesday and that Saturday, I drove to the Rose Bowl from Westlake Village for a 6:00 p.m. kickoff time, no problem and no corrective glasses.


I am awed daily by my restored sight and feel very fortunate.  I want to express my gratitude to the entire Lynn Eye Medical Group – from reception to the surgery staff to follow-up care with Dr. Gordon - all members were kind, helpful, professional and efficient.  Thank you for your part in what in my opinion is, if not a miracle, close to it!

Thank you again (can never say that too many times!)"

Bob Eubanks:

"Many times in life you meet people who literally change your lifestyle. Dr. John Davidson did that for me. My surgery with Dr. Davidson was incredible, pain free, very professional, and the outcome is so good I can't even describe it in words. Dr. Davidson is one of those rare individuals whose honesty, bedside manner, and abilities are all equal. I cannot recommend too highly the staff and the competency that Dr. Davidson brings."

Colm McHugh, MD:

"My colleague Dr. John Davidson has been doing huge numbers of cataract surgery in Ventura county with phenomenal results for many years. I had no choice When my own cataract surgery was required. He was the only one to whom-I would have gone. My results are what I expected. Perfect. I have done Thousands of eye surgeries only recommend Dr. Davidson myself and my own patients for cataract surgery."

Samantha B:

“After wearing corrective lenses for almost twenty years, I really wanted to be able to see without having to find my glasses. I was familiar with Dr. Davidson's reputation and knew that he was probably the only person I would be comfortable with working on my eyes. His team performed the most extensive and precise eye exam that I have ever had. I was confident that the doctor had a detailed map of my eyes. Dr. Davidson performed my Custom LASIK procedure and I have been amazed by the results. My vision is perfect. I highly recommend Dr. Davidson."

Kate Stephenson:

"Dr. Davidson and his staff are nothing short of miracle workers! My cataracts had completely stopped me from doing all the things That made life worth living. I could not drive or read, but I was afraid to do anything about it. The idea of having surgery on my eyes terrified me. Enter Miramar Specialists: Hallelujah! Easy-Peasy, Non-scary, PAIN-FREE surgery. As soon as the procedure was completed, I could see again.Every day my vision Seemed to get even clearer. Color, peripheral vision, detail? Like I was twenty again! If you have cataracts, go see Dr. Davidson. ASAP! He and his staff will literally change your life."

Rex G:

“I want to let Dr. Davidson know how happy I am with my eyesight, following my operation to remove cataracts. I work with my computer most of each day. I asked him to put a lens in my left eye, to enable me to read (without glasses) at arms length, the distance to my monitor and to put in a distance lens in the other eye. I can now read everything on the monitor, even the smallest printing, without glasses. I can see clearly when driving my car and especially at night, which I was about to give up night driving. I just renewed my drivers license and read the eye chart, with either eye, without any difficulty. I could not have asked by better results, Tell him, THANKS.”

Jennifer J:

“After waiting 7 years for Dr. Davidson to find an appropriate corrective eye surgery for me, it has come to pass! My life after ICL is more than I could ever imagine: I can see things clearly far away, no more finding glasses that fallen from there place in the night and people can see my eyes at there normal size! It has been a true Blessing!.”

Deloyce H:

"Dr. Davidson was so patient with me and my concerns, his time spent with me went above and beyond what was necessary. His attention helped to allay my fear and I am now so glad that I went through with the surgery. I have the Restor lens in both eyes and am now 20/20 without glasses! Thanks to Dr. Davidson and the Restor lens - I can see!"

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