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Video: Laser v. Basic

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 Laser Lens Replacement:
A 3-Step Process (The 3 R's)

What is Laser Lens Replacement?

Laser Lens Replacement, by addressing astigmatism and presbyopia, can allow you to reduce your need for glasses after cataract/lens surgery using LenSx and ORA and corrective lens implants (such as LAL, PanOptix and Custom) beyond what insurance covers for a basic therapeutic procedure.


Even though we use the most advanced technology available anywhere today, we cannot 100%-guarantee a perfect outcome for 100% of patients (nor can any surgeon in the world guarantee a perfect outcome for any patient.)


Laser Lens Replacement is a 3-Step Process (per eye) over up to a two (2) year period:

1) Replace: Your natural lens (cataract) is replaced with a prescription lens

implant (made of silicone or acrylic plastic) using 3D laser image guidance and laser precision and safety. Then your eye heals for several months up to 2 years or more!

2) Remove: Normally, scar tissue will build up on the plastic lens (since the body sees the lens as a foreign object) and gradually blur your vision over weeks, months or years. We can remove the scar tissue ("polish the lens") with a YAG laser for the 50% of eyes that will need it. YAG laser can be performed three (3) months after the original procedure and in some cases needs to be performed even sooner. YAG laser is usually covered by insurance.

3) Refine: Despite best efforts using Lasers and Laser Lenses, up to 20% of eyes will heal off target in terms of the calculated focal point resulting in vision not quite clear enough to go without glasses. This is normal. Light adjustments for LAL are made as soon as 1 month after lens replacement and allow precise fine-tuning of vision non-surgically. After PanOptix and Custom lenses LASIK or PRK can refine the focal point by reshaping the cornea to better match the lens implant so vision can be at its best without glasses. Tune-up with LASIK or PRK can be performed three (3) months at the earliest after the original procedure. Tune-ups are usually included in the cost of LAL, PanOptix, Custom or any other paid upgrade lens that we performed within one (1) year of lens replacement.

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