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Will it hurt?
Everybody is different. However, most patients say they have no pain during the procedure. We will apply topical (not a needle) anesthetic drops to your eye to maintain comfort, as well as deliver mild sedatives through an IV administered by an anesthesiologist (MD).

Is the procedure safe?
Although a perfect outcome cannot be promised because every surgical procedure of the eye carries some risks including bleeding, infection and vision loss, Lens Replacement and LASIK are considered to be among the safest surgeries today.
When can I get back to work?
Most people return to work the day after surgery. Contrary to what most people hear, due to our technique, you may bend and lift the next day after surgery.
How long does surgery take?
Plan to be at the surgery center for about two hours, although the actual surgery takes about 5-10 minutes. More complex cases can take longer.


Am I a suitable candidate?
You will have a thorough examination of your eyes at your consultation, and discuss the options that are best for your eyes and your lifestyle.
Can I drive after my surgery?
Although your vision may be blurrier immediately following surgery due to swelling, most people who drive find that they can drive the next day after surgery.
When can I wear makeup?
We generally recommend waiting a week or so after surgery before applying makeup around your eyes.

What eye drops will I need to take?
We recommend using three different brand name eye drop medications beginning the day before surgery and continuing for 1 month after surgery to achieve best healing results: antibiotic, steroid, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. These drops are in addition to medications we give inside the eye, what some people call "dropless," which if given alone may be insufficient protection for some patients.

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