Two Vision Questionnaires required by insurance companies: Please complete BOTH to the best of your abilities and bring them with you to your initial consultation with us.
Introductory brochure describing the process of your consultation visit, scheduling and procedure experience:
Brochure describing your options for your Lens
Replacement, comparing Basic with Laser techniques:
Instructions for you to follow prior to and following Lens Replacement, including medications that may be prescribed:
Checklist for eye drops to make sure you take every dose!

Call for Your Consultation: 

(805) 322-1510

Ventura: 3003 Loma Vista Road, Suite A

Camarillo: 771 E. Daily Drive, Suite 245

Thousand Oaks: 2230 Lynn Rd., Suite 102

Santa Paula: 957 Faulkner Road #102

Oxnard: 1901 Solar Drive #155

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