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Welcome To Visual Freedom!

New Visitors: Welcome!
Please watch this short video to meet Dr. John Davidson!

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Video: Laser Testimonial

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"Very Knowledgeable Surgeon" 


"Last June I contacted Dr. Davidson for a second opinion as I was having blurry vision one month after cataract surgery done by another well-known Health Care Facility. Dr. Davidson examined my eyes thoroughly and scanned both my eyes. After his examination, I was informed that I was misdiagnosed by my surgeon. Once I provided Dr. Davidson’s 2nd opinion to my ophthalmology dept, they started giving me different eye drops to cure the retina eye issue I was having. Three months later I started having 20/40 vision on both eyes. Thanks to Dr. Davidson, as now I can see with both my eyes clearly. Dr. Davidson was very knowledgeable, kind and professional. His team was also very professional, helpful and courteous. I would recommend his service to anyone who has vision issues related to eye surgeries."
You Are One Step Away From A New Look-at-life!

I would like to personally warmly welcome you to our special practice where "Your Vision is Our Focus!" We are committed to providing you with the best possible vision you can achieve with our advanced technological tools and dedicated caring expert team. I have performed more than 40,000 successful major eye surgeries since 1992, including over 8,000 Laser Lens Replacements since 2013, and have implanted 10,000 Advanced Technology Lenses (PanOptix, Vivity, ReSTOR, ActiveFocus, Tecnis Multifocal and Toric) since 2005.  We vow to treat you like family and recommend for you only those options that we feel are best suited for your eyes and your lifestyle.

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